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Fresno State Police Department

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Fresno State is committed to investing in the community and local environment. 

Through a partnership with the California Energy Commission, Fresno State is a proud host of six electric vehicle chargers.  They can be found in the P2 parking lot at the corner of N Woodrow Ave/Matoian Way.  The six stations require University parking permits.  

About Our Chargers

  • Two Quick Charge (CHAdeMO connector)
  • Four EV Plugs (J1772 connector)
  • Payments through the LibertyHydra app

How to Charge:

  1. Download the free LibertyHydra app for iOS and Android.
  2. Tap the Public icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Charge icon and enter the appropriate Hydra system you are using.
    • CSUF_A - Fast DC charger #1
    • CSUF_B - Fast DC charger #2
    • CSUF_C - Four EV Chargers
  4. Select the desired amount of EV charging time and tap Get Code.

Code Entry Sequence:

  • CSUF_A and CSUF_B:
    • Enter the *button, the Charging Code, and then the # button.
  • CSUF_C:
    • Enter the * button, the Charger or Space Number, then # button, the Charging Code, and then the # button.

Example:  If you are in space 1 and your charge code is 12345678, then enter *1#12345678#

Why electric vehicles are important for our community:

  • Improvements in air quality, community health, and quality of life.
  • Reductions in asthma and respiratory disease rates, air and water pollution, noise.
  • Reduction in costs for lost work productivity and health costs.
  • Sixty-six percent reduction in air pollutants from the electric source from "well to wheel" -