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Fresno State Police Department

Appeal Process

If there is factual evidence of an invalid citation, you may request an Initial Review (appeal) of your parking citation.

Appeals must be done in writing to ensure the evidence presented on your behalf is fully documented.

Fresno State follows the procedures for contesting parking violations as stated in the California Vehicle Code, Section 40215.

1st Level Appeal (Initial Review)

The Initial Review request must be made within 21 days from the date the citation was issued. The Initial Review may be made in person at the Service Center in the Police Department, online, or by mail.

Opinions to rebut parking rules and regulations, lack of knowledge, or receiving misinformation provided by an individual not employed by Traffic Operations are not valid reasons for the dismissal of a parking citation.

2nd Level Appeal (Administrative Hearing)

An Administrative Hearing to contest the results of the Initial Review must be requested within 21 days following the mailing of the appeal result.

A request for an Administrative Hearing can be made in writing, in person or by phone. In addition, the full amount of the parking penalty due must accompany the request. CVC 40215 (b)

Requests that do not meet the required deadline or do not include the full payment of the parking penalty will not be eligible for an Administrative Hearing, and the decision of the adjudicator at the first level of review will stand.

If you are unable to pay the full amount of the parking penalty, you may apply for an Administrative Hearing under indigent status by completing a Waiver of Penalty Deposit application. If your request for indigent status is approved, a hearing in person or hearing by written declaration will be scheduled.  If the request for indigent status is denied, the full amount of the parking penalty must be paid in order for an Administrative Hearing to be scheduled.

3rd level Appeal (Superior Court Hearing)

A Civil Hearing to contest the results of the Administrative Hearing may be filed with the Fresno Superior Court within 30 days of the mailing of the Administrative Hearing results. If no notice of appeal of the processing agency's decision is filed within 30 days, the decision shall be deemed final.

A copy of the notice of appeal shall be served in person or by first-class mail upon the processing agency by the contestant.

A proceeding under this subdivision is a limited civil case.

The court shall notify the contestant of the appearance date by mail or personal delivery. The court shall retain the fee under Section 70615 of the Government Code regardless of the outcome of the appeal. If the court finds in favor of the contestant, the amount of the fee shall be reimbursed to the contestant by the processing agency. Any deposit of parking penalty shall be refunded by the processing agency in accordance with the judgment of the court.

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