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Fresno State Police Department

Tailgating at Events

“Tailgating” is defined as a social gathering of any number of people where alcoholic beverages are served and consumed in conjunction with, and on the same day of, an athletic event on campus.


Tailgating is only allowed in conjunction with, and on the day of an outdoor intercollegiate athletic event where alcohol is sold such as football, baseball, and softball games.


Tailgating is limited to the Department of Athletics controlled and supervised parking lots and grassy areas. Campus policy prohibits consumption of alcohol in all other parking lots.


Individuals hosting tailgates where alcohol will be present must be registered as season pass holders or register with the University Police Department on the day of the event – this can be done on site in the parking lots.


  • Tailgating may not begin prior to the opening of controlled and supervised parking lots before the start of the game.
  • Tailgating is not permitted during the game. During the game, only two “caretaker” individuals will be allowed to remain at tailgate sites. All others must enter the stadium or leave campus.
  • "Caretaker" individuals may not consume alcohol.
  • Tailgating spaces must be cleared within 2 hours after the game ends.

Complete Policy

For the full text, please see Section 8 of the Campus Buildings and Grounds Policy.


Campus Buildings & Grounds Policy