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Fresno State Police Department

Mission Statement

The prime mission of the Fresno State Police Department is to enhance safety for the university community and promote a feeling of security among its citizens, primarily through the deterrence and prevention of crime, the apprehension of offenders, and providing service in a fair, honest, prompt, and courteous manner.

An institution of higher education devotes itself to the examination of acts, ideas, concepts, opinions, and their relationship and interpretation. To carry on the intellectual exchange and creative activities of the university, there must be an environment that is consistent with the values of free society - protected from unnecessary jeopardy. Thus, the Fresno State Police Department has a dual function. Aside from their first duty to protect life and property, peace officers, like other members of the university community, must assign priority to safeguarding the educational environment.

As is true of communities, in general, universities that are free from crime and disorder remain an unachieved mission. Consistent with its belief of a free society, it is the primary mission of the Fresno State Police Department to pursue that goal. In doing so, peace officers must enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of law enforcement authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.

To achieve true success, the department must earn and retain the confidence and respect of the public which it serves. This can be accomplished only by constant and earnest endeavor on the part of all personnel of the department. We must strive to perform our duties in an efficient, honest, and business-like manner, and by exemplary conduct, cultivate in the public mind the fullest realization that the Fresno State Police Department is a most vital requisite to public well- being.

In an effort to ensure justice and equity to all, peace officers must regard laws as a means to control conduct. Laws are not meant to be an oppression. All police action is for the good of the university and consideration must be given to the students, faculty, administration, staff and the community - not the individual officer. An officer should bear in mind that he or she represents all law enforcement and when vested with legal authority, he or she becomes a representative of law. He or she must do that which is required for self-preservation, but under no circumstances should he or she allow passions to induce brutality. Fear or favoritism must not cause unwarranted or wanton neglect of duty. He or she should not use unnecessary force, nor hesitate to use necessary force when circumstances require.

In the process of implementing the mission of the Fresno State Police Department, all peace officers are sworn to uphold the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.