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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Glove Selection Guide

For information regarding the selection of the type of gloves that should be worn for the type of hazards found in your specific work area click here.

For resources designed to help you select gloves for a specific chemical hazard, please review the CDC's - Protective Clothing guidance document.

OSHA's Bulletin on PPE selection also quickly sums up the appropriateness of reusable vs. non-reusable gloves, and how to choose which is best suited to the work being done.

Guidelines for the use of specific gloves although not always available for each glove manufacturer, are terrific resources for product selection. Ansell, one such manufacturer, is an outstanding example of published breakthrough data for their product line which is available online here. Additionally Ansell has compiled an even more detailed list of chemical permeations that are not in their chemical resistance guide noted above. This is an ingenious online tool to help you find your way to the proper products in their line for use with specific chemicals.


Eye Wash / Safety Shower

Glove Selection Resources

CDC Protective Clothing Guide

OSHA Bulletin

ANSELL - 8th Ed. Chem. Resistance Guide

SpecWare - Chemical Application & Recommendation Guide

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