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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Hazardous Waste

Campus Policy

For a comprehensive resource that goes into great detail about the official waste policy on campus please see the Hazardous Waste Manual. Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management (EHS/RM) staff are available to assist you with these policies or any specific questions you may have.


In order to better understand the generator's ("person" that makes the waste) responsibilities, employees that engaged in routine operations that generate hazardous wastes in laboratories, shops, and other job related activities are required to take training.  This training is available online through the link below:

Generator Required Hazardous Waste Training


Ultimately the generator's responsibility, The Office of EHS/RM would like to help you comply with this mountain of requirements with as little disruption as possible. Please call our office when in doubt!  You may be directed to additional information or training to better identify your waste.

DTSC - Hazardous Waste Identification Optional Training

Labeling and Storage

For Laboratories and Shops that regularly generate hazardous waste, a copy of the Guidelines for Laboratory Hazardous Waste Accumulation should be posted in each interior space.  These guidelines, along with the required training, provide information about proper storage of hazardous waste.  Please take the time to read and become familiar with the requirements.  No hazardous waste should be stored at a location, other then those specifically approved by EHS/RM, for longer than nine months.

To obtain labels, contact EHS/RM by phone at 559.278.7422, or to create your own labels to print and tape to your containers, try our label maker (Microsoft Access Required).

Storage of Incompatible Wastes

Incompatible waste are required to be separated by a wall, dike or berm, or sufficient distance to prevent them from coming in contact with one another.  This is required by State and Federal regulation.  For a list of incompatible hazardous wastes, please refer to the EPA's Chemical Compatibility Chart, or contact EHS/RM for an evaluation.

Campus Policy

Hazardous Waste Manual

Hazardous Waste Training

Laboratory Accumulation Guide | Hazardous Waste Labels


Hazardous Waste Guide

Department of Toxic Substance Control: Managing Hazardous Waste

CSU Northridge: Hazardous Waste Management 

"Hazardous Waste" Definition