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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Fume Hood

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management (EHS/RM) is committed to ensure fume hoods comply with existing regulations, and that specific measures be taken to ensure proper and adequate performance of all protective equipment.

Fume hoods or glove boxes shall be used:

  • When handling hazardous chemicals which are volatile.
  • When procedures involve manipulations that may result in the generation of an aerosol or airborne dust.
  • With any manipulation, handling, or reaction that may result in the uncontrollable release of the substance.

Equipment Use and Maintenance 1

All employees are required by CalOSHA to have training prior to using laboratory type fume hoods. Students using laboratory type fume hoods are strongly encouraged to take non-mandatory training offered through Blackboard (available upon request).

Laboratory type fume hoods are tested annually by EHS/RM staff, student employees or interns to ensure the units are in working order.

If it appears that a laboratory fume hood is not working, or stops working while in use:

  • Stop work in the hood immediately.
  • Close the sash to the fume hood, if there is no immediate risk of exposure.
  • If any potential for fire or explosion is suspect call 911 (on campus phones) or 278-8400 (from a cell phone) for emergency services.
  • Contact EHS/RM at 278-7422 or 278-8787 for:
  • Submission of work requests 1, which you may do yourself by clicking here. When leaving a message, please indicate if you have submitted a work request for service.

1Following any repairs on the fume hood, or addition of large equipment into the fume hood cabinet, EHS/RM is required by CalOSHA to re-evaluate the fume hood to ensure adequate protection.


Eye Wash / Safety Shower

Training Resources

Laboratory Type Fume Hood - User Training

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