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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Chemical Storage

Keep the following requirements in mind when storing chemicals:

  • Keep chemicals in the original container whenever possible.
  • Ensure that secondary chemical containers are:
    • Closed when not in use with a tight-fitting lid
    • Compatible with the chemical (including the lid)
    • Labeled with the name of the chemical and any hazard warnings.
  • Consult the label and safety data sheet (SDS) for essential storage and use information such as:
    • Incompatible materials to avoid
    • Ventilation requirements
  • Inspect chemical containers often:
    • For leakage
    • To determine if a chemical has become a waste due to change (example: liquid becomes a solid) or expiration.
  • All chemicals must be inventoried, and an SDS for each chemical in storage must be available to an employee at will.


Labels (explains what can be found on a chemical label)

SDS (explains what can be found on a Safety Data Sheet)

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