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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Hazard Communication

The Hazard Communication Standard, also known as HazCom or the "Right to Know Law" was created by Cal-OSHA to provide individuals with information about the chemical hazards on the job, and how to protect themselves against those hazards.

Information can be obtained by the following methods:

  • Training (all employees must have basic training)
  • Safety Data Sheets (go to the Safety Data Sheet link to obtain info about a particular chemical)
  • Chemical Labels

In an effort to ensure that we maintain ongoing compliance with training requirements, we will be implementing a notification form for when new employees are brought on board. The information in this form will help us to assign the appropriate training to the new employee. It is essential that each new employee go to the following form and complete it on or as near to their initial date of hire to complete the following:

New Employee Hazardous Communications Training Survey*

*Please note: this survey is for NEW employees, or those that have had a recent change in job assignments that may involve hazardous materials that did not involve hazardous materials previously.


New Employee Hazardous Communications Training Survey 

Hazard Communication Standard

Hazard Communication Training for Employees

Campus Hazard Communication Program

Secondary Chemical Container Labeling

CCR Title 8 Section 5194

GISO 3204 - Employee Exposure Records

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