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Procurement and Support Services

Ways to Buy

In an effort to help the campus meet it's procurement needs a variety of methods to purchase goods and services, including, purchase orders, procurement credit card (procard), direct pay, and emergency purchase orders are implemented. Campus orders should be shipped to the University Warehouse (2671 E Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA 93740) or another approved campus address.  Please see links above for each process and download our Purchasing and Payment Matrix.

Can I submit my requisition "after the fact"?

Confirming orders or "after-the-fact" orders, i.e., merchandise received or service performed prior to obtaining authorization from Procurement, are explicitly prohibited. No person is authorized to commit University funds to a vendor for equipment, supplies or services without the prior approval of the Procurement Office. Unless the purchase is allowed under the procurement card or direct pay policies, faculty or staff who purchase equipment, supplies or services before obtaining approval from Procurement assume the risk of personal liability for payment of the goods. Any unauthorized transactions (which include over expenditures of "Blanket purchase orders) will be returned to the departments unprocessed, and the department will need to find other funding sources to pay for these expenses.