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Procurement and Support Services

Non-Automated Standard “A” Mail Deliveries

Departments that prepare their own Non-Automated Standard "A" Mail must have their mail properly sorted with the correct sticker marking each bundle. Mail Services does not prepare (sort and bundle) this type of mail for departments. There is a minimum quantity of 200 pieces of mail for Non-Automated Standard "A" Mail.

Mail Services takes non-automated Standard "A" Mail to the United States Postal Services on Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Therefore, to ensure your mail is delivered to the Postal Service on time, Standard "A" Mail must be brought to the Mail Center prior to 11:00 a.m. on these days for Mail Services to weigh and prepare the proper paper work.

If you have any questions or for instructions on Non-Automated Standard "A" Mail , please contact Mail Services at 278-82941