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Payroll Services

Common Payroll Requests

Here you can find information on how to perform some of the most common requests for Payroll Services. Click on a heading below for more information.

Direct Deposit is a convenient method to automatically deposit all of your net earnings into the financial institution of your choice. Once you enroll, all your payments, including supplemental payments such as overtime, awards/bonuses, etc., are transferred to your financial institution.

Employees wishing to enroll in Direct Deposit should do so through Cal Employee Connect (CEC). Simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the Payroll Services - CEC website.

Once you submit your direct deposit information through CEC, the State Controller's Office (SCO) will then notify your financial institution. This "Pre-notification" allows them to verify your account and routing numbers for future disposition of funds.

The entire process takes approximately 30-60 days. Any payments issued until the request is processed will be a paper check available for pick up at Cashier Services on the 1st floor of the Joyal Administration Building.

For security purposes, paychecks can be picked up from the Cashier Windows in the Joyal Administration South Lobby by the employee only.  As an alternative, we encourage all employees to sign up for direct deposit through California Employee Connect (CEC), which will eliminate the need to pick up checks in person.

If you need further assistance regarding requests to mail payroll checks, please submit an email inquiry to with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Fresno State ID Number
  • Pay Period that you are inquiring about

For all other payroll inquiries, please contact Fresno State - Payroll Services at 559.278.2032 or

You can view your check stub online. History is updated once per month after the first of the month.

  • Go to web address:
  • Select My Fresno State
  • Login (enter CSUF email username and password)
  • Select Employee Self Service
  • Select Payroll and Compensation
  • Select View Paycheck

If you need more up-to-date information, please sign up for Cal Employee Connect.

W-2's are mailed to your home address by January 31st of each year. If you do not receive your W-2 by the first week of February, you should contact the Payroll Office.

In the event you lose your W-2, or require a physical duplicate copy for another reason, you can request a duplicate. You may obtain a Standard form 436 (Request for duplicate Wage and Tax Statement) from your Payroll Office, or download the form here.

W-2's are now available ONLINE! Sign up for Cal Employee Connect to access your last 3 years of W-2's.

Click below to view instructions to sign up for Cal Employee Connect, a state service that provides employees access to their pay stubs and last 3 years of W2s.

Cal Employee Connect Instructions

If you need to change your mailing address, the preferred method is online.

  • Log in to the Fresno State portal.
  • Under My Menu, click on the Employee Self Service link.
  • Select Personal Information Summary and review the addresses.
    • Home address is your permanent address, typically a street address.
    • Mailing address is the address where you would like to receive all mail sent to you from the university, and where the State Controller’s Office will mail your W-2.
    • Diploma address is where you would like to have your diploma sent.
  • Click Change home/mailing addresses.
  • Click on the Edit box for Mailing and key in your changes. The effective date defaults to the current date.
  • Click Save to complete and OK to confirm.
  • Repeat this step for another address type, if needed.
  • Click Return to Personal Information.
  • Expect an e-mail confirming MAIL Address Change.

As an alternative, you can go to Payroll Services, Joyal 211, and change your address via an Employee Action Request form. Office hours are 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. Please bring a picture ID.

If you have any questions about this, please call Payroll Services at 278-2032.

To update your name, address, tax withholding, claim to be exempt and more, complete an EAR Form.

You can use this form to:

  1. Change Name: Complete Part C, D, I
  2. Change Address:  Complete Part C, F, I
  3. Change Tax Withholding: Complete Part C, E, I
  4. Correct Birthdate: Complete Part E, H, I
  5. Claim to be Exempt from Withholding: Complete Part C, E, Box IV, and I
  6. Change Withholding for Federal and/or State:  Complete C, E, Box III, and I

Complete this form to indicate that your home addresses and home telephone numbers shall not be deemed to be public records and shall not be open to public inspection, except that disclosure of that information may be made in certain circumstances (See form).

Request for Nondisclosure of Employee Home Address

To designate who your last check should go to, in case of death, you need to complete the Final Pay Warrant Designee. This is found by going to:

  • Go to web address:
  • Select My Fresno State
  • Login (enter CSUF email username and password)
  • Select Employee Self Service
  • Select Payroll and Compensation
  • Select Final Pay Warrant Designee

Make sure to keep this information up to date!

When you separate from Fresno State, you have the option to defer part of your final pay to DC, TSA or PST plans (if eligible/applicable.) To defer your pay, complete the form below and submit to the Human Resources/Payroll Office in Joyal 211 at least 5 days from your separation.

Defer Pay Upon Separation

There are certain deductions which can only be cancelled by the organization/company that the deduction originates from. In these cases, you should contact the organization directly.