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Payroll Services

Retired Annuitants

Retired annuitants are retirees who receive their CalPERS retirement benefits in addition to their income from post retirement employment with the CSU.

Retired annuitants are not entitled to vacation, sick leave (excludes participants on the Faculty Early Retirement Program - FERP), personal holiday, holiday credit or holiday pay.

Retired Annuitants are (re)appointed by Human Resources and Faculty Affairs.

Under Government Code 21224, employment of a retired annuitant is now designated on a fiscal year basis for a maximum of 960 hours. Prior to January 1, 2006, the designation was on a calendar year basis.

Retired annuitants, whether they are appointed as FERP academic, non-FERP academic, non-exempt and exempt staff and management must be aware of their employment limits under the relevant Government code sections.  In addition CalPERS and the IRS regulate what constitutes "normal retirement age" and "bona fide separation in service".  Whether a retiree has received compensation from unemployment insurance is also exclusion factor in appointments.  Contact CalPERS or Human Resources or Academic Personnel Services for more information on your rehired annuitant appointment restrictions. 

It is considered unlawful to exceed the restrictions.  Both the retiree and the employing campus are subject to monetary penalties in the form of reimbursement to CalPERS and fines and the annuitant will be reinstated to CalPERS membership in the category in which, and on the date which, the unlawful employment occurred.

Relevant Government Codes that outline the terms in which an annuitant may return to limited CSU employment without reinstatement or penalty and summaries of CalPERS post-retirement employment provision are here: Post-Retirement Employment: CalPERS' Retirees.