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Payroll Services

Alternate Work Schedules

Alternate work schedules are schedules that vary from the standard Monday-Friday 8 hours per day.


The State pay period contains either 21 or 22 normal workdays, referred to as a calendar month. Under this plan, normal workdays are Monday through Friday, including holidays during the week. Non-exempt CSU employees paid through the State payroll system on a monthly basis generate the same monthly salary (based upon time base fraction and base salary) regardless if the employee's regular work schedule has more or less hours than the prescribed 21 or 22 (168 or 176 hours respectively) within a given State pay period.

Alternate work schedules can include schedules that have patterns such as 4/10, 9/80, 3/12, as well schedules that require days other than Saturday and Sunday off. These schedules may require a one or two week work period.

All campuses must maintain an accounting of hours worked which includes excess and deficit hours, as appropriate, for non-exempt employees on work schedules that differ from the standard State pay plan (alternate work week schedules).

The campus shall reconcile employee deficit hours at least once each calendar year in December. When reconciling an employee's deficit hours in December, the affected employee may use leave balances, be docked, or the campus must establish an accounts receivable, as appropriate, if no leave credits are available to offset the deficit. For more information, see the powerpoint presentation regarding Excess/Deficit Hours.