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Procurement and Support Services

Public Works FAQs

Where do I send my invoice for the fastest processing?

Be sure to use the correct form for submitting your invoice. Contractors and Professional Service Providers may find Payment Application Forms by clicking here.

Then review with your Project Manager; make any corrections/adjustments and submit to:

  • Ann Paley
  • CSU Facilities Management
  • 2351 E Barstow Ave
  • MailStop PO112
  • Fresno CA 93740

How long does the University take to pay invoices?

Once an accurate invoice has been received by Ms. Paley, the University has 39 days to pay the invoice. (Public Contract Code 10853)

What do I need to do to get on the Pre-Qualified Contractor List?

Contact the appropriate Buyer to schedule an Orientation (Lorrie or Melanie)

Once I submit my prequalification documents, then what?

Once all prequalification documents have been received, and approved, in the Purchasing Office, your firm's name will appear on the appropriate Pre-Qualified Contractor Listing. Please allow 2 weeks for your documents to be reviewed and added to the site.

How does my firm get to know the campus?

It is the responsibility of each vendor to market their firm to the University. Information on contacts, decision-making hierarchies, and bidding procedures will be discussed in detail during the Orientation session.

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