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Payroll Services

Personal Holiday

A personal holiday (PH) is a paid day off credited to employees for use during the calendar year.


Eligible employees are entitled to one personal holiday per calendar year, January 1 through December 31. Less than full-time employees receive pro-rated time.


PH cannot be used in increments. It must be claimed on one specific day only. If a PH day is not used by December 31, it is forfeited. Intemittent employees receive time-off with pay for the PH based on the number of hours worked and claimed from leave balances in the pay period in which the holiday is taken.

What Happens to my PH if I Separate from the University?

A non-academic employee with unused personal holiday upon separation will receive a lump-sum payment for the amount they are entitled on the effective date of the separation. A separating employee is entitled to receive PH credit for the new calendar year if the projection of other lump sum credits (i.e., vacation and holiday) extends into the following calendar year. Personal holiday for a temporary help employee may be cashed out. The pay out eligibility is based on the number of hours worked in the pay period