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Payroll Services


Warrants are more commonly known as paychecks.  For pay stub information click on Paycheck View.

Here are the deductions you may (different for student assistants) see on your pay stub:

  • Federal and State tax
  • Medicare Tax (1.45%)
  • Retirement (7.5% or 5% depending on your time base and length of your appointment)
  • Social Security (6.2%), if applicable
  • Membership dues for the union, if applicable.


  • For income tax purposes, the tax year is the December pay period through November pay period. 
  • December's paycheck is issued on January 1, so it is considered income for the new tax year. 
  • An employee sets their withholding status for federal and state tax on the Employee Action Request form.  Withholding can be changed any time - visit Human Resources and Payroll Services at Joyal 211.
  • To make the change effective for the current pay period, it must be processed by Payroll Services by the cut-off date.   Refer to Payroll Calendar.  Cut-offs are indicated by Payroll cut-off date

Pay Periods

There are 12 pay periods in the year.  Each consists of either 21 or 22 work days and usually coincides with a calendar month.