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Payroll Services

Jury Duty

The CSU provides paid leave for jury selection process and jury panel service.

The Jury Duty absence type records when an employee misses work due to time spent on jury duty. The jury duty benefit provides full pay from the CSU when reporting for Jury Duty on a scheduled work day.

When employees receive a Jury Summons, participation is required by following the instructions contained on the Summons. Follow the instructions on the summons. Receipt of this summons without an attendance receipt will not excuse you from reporting to work. Nor does it allow for use of the Jury Duty absence benefit.

If you are required to report for jury selection, you must follow the instructions provided the by court and you may then be excused from work for the day. To claim the day off and charge the reason to jury duty, you must provide your supervisor with an attendance receipt, similar to the following:

Jury Duty Attendance Receipt

Please note: Without this dated receipt, your supervisor cannot excuse your day off from work based on “jury duty” and you will be required to either charge vacation, CTO, or dock time without this receipt. Each day of attendance at court requires you to retain the dated receipt.

In most cases, in order for an employee to receive regular wages while serving on jury duty, they must waive the jury fees (not mileage) paid by the court. If an employee opts to retain jury fees, they are no longer eligible for regular wages for the time missed for Jury Duty. In those cases, the employee must use an alternate absence type, such as vacation, CTO, or Dock time. 

Please refer to your specific bargaining unit's section for retaining jury fees.

An hourly employee shall be eligible for time off with pay for jury duty only for those hours he/she was scheduled to work.

Below are three examples if you are subpoenaed as a Witness, in the CSU's interest.

CSU Subpoenaed Witness Examples
Situation A Situation B Situation C
Normal salary for corresponding period of absence for court-subpoenaed or expert witness in the interest of the CSU. Proof of Service for state, or for federal, court fees shall be remitted to the CSU to continue CSU compensation and benefits. Otherwise, an amount equal to the fees shall be deducted from the employee’s salary. No vacation shall be used in such cases. Federal court fees in excess of regular earnings may be retained and only an amount equal to the compensation paid the employee while on leave remitted, or if entire fees are retained by employee, time taken off shall be charged to available vacation credits, or the employee shall be docked for period of absence If court appearance is required outside of and not continuous with employee’s regular work schedule, employee shall be compensated pursuant to call-back pay requirements of Provision 19 only if he/she is required to appear in court as a result of the exercise of his/her duties during working hours.

An employee shall be charged vacation time or employee shall be docked for the non-compensable absence(s). Please refer to your specific Bargaining agreement, if applicable, for more information.