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Employees who lose eligibility for medical, dental, and vision plans due to a qualifying event such as reduction in work hours or termination of employment (other than due to gross misconduct) are eligible to continue benefit coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). This benefit extends to dependents covered by the employee’s medical, dental and vision plans. COBRA applies only to group health coverage (i.e., medical, dental, vision and HCRA) and not to any other benefits offered by CSU (such as life insurance, disability, or accidental death and dismemberment).

Qualifying Event and COBRA Duration

  • End of employment (18 months)
  • Reduction in hours of employment (18 months)
  • Death of employee (36 months)
  • Divorce or legal separation (36 months)
  • Loss of dependent child status (36 months)
  • Dissolution of Registered Domestic Partnership (36 months)

If continuation is elected, employees and/or dependents will be required to pay the full premium plus a 2% administrative fee (102% of the group rate). No state contribution is available to pay for the COBRA coverage. Questions regarding eligibility, qualifying events, or to enroll under COBRA, please contact the Human Resources Office at (559) 278-2032.

Click here for the COBRA Election Form.

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