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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

Volunteer Driving Authorization

*If you are a university employee, please follow the Employee Driving Authorization instructions here.

All volunteers who are driving on university business must be authorized to drive on university business.

Authorization to Drive on University Business for volunteers, students and unpaid helpers.

1.  Click here to complete the online Driving Authorization and Registration Process for Volunteers and Non-employees.

2.  Click here to enroll in DGS Pathways Defensive Driving training.  There are a number of detailed instructions/guides listed on the bottom of the page after you click on the aforementioned link including:

"How to Create a New Pathways Account"
"Registering for a Course"
"View Your Training Certificates"

Upon successful completion, you must print the certificate of completion. There is no other way to confirm that you have successfully completed the training.  A legible screen shot, use of the “Print Screen” (PrtScn) button or photo of the certification page is acceptable proof of completion. Email us at  If you are not sure, contact our office for clarification at 559.278.7422.

3.  Will you be driving a golf cart/powered cart/gator?  Click here to download and review the Powered Cart Safety Training pdf.  After you've reviewed the training, take the Powered Cart Safety Quiz here.  Passing grade is >=80% (or >=16 out of 20).

Still have questions?  Try reading our FAQ section for more information.


Volunteer Driving Training Instructions For State Employees and Paid Student Assistants

Human Resources Volunteer Application and Appointment Form