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Procurement and Support Services

Promotional Products

Effective September 1, 2022, all branded promotional products, excluding apparel, utilizing campus funds must be procured through the Printing Services Department.  This new process will be more streamlined and allows for Printing Services to contract with a group of licensed promotional product vendors to ensure the quality of the University's brand and trademarks and also provide for more competitive pricing.  The process for orders for apparel products will not change and will continue to go direct to the promotional product vendors through Procurement or Printing Services.

Auxiliaries (Foundation, Athletics, etc.) and Student Clubs may utilize Printing Services or work directly with an approved licensed promotional vendor.

The campus Royalty Waiver Form can be found here

Campus Procedures for Ordering Promotional Items:


Customer emails Printing Services at with the following information:

·         Detailed description on the items you are interested in–provide picture examples, if possible.  If needing ideas on what to get, reach out to Printing Services or google “promotional products”.

·         Quantities, sizes and colors that you would like to order for each item.

·         A proposed budget for each item.

·         Provide a Chartfield to charge (if using Foundation funds then provide a Foundation Blanket PO number for the whole fiscal year).

·         Provided date you need the items in-hand.

·         Provide artwork for each item. If artwork is unavailable, Printing Services will create artwork at the direction of the customer for a small fee.



Printing Services will provide digital Images and options for each item as well as pricing on the items.



Customer chooses which items they would like to order.



Printing Services will respond back to customer with the following emails:

1.       An email containing a Royalty Waiver and proofs that will need to be filled out then sent to Clarence Chiong for his Licensing approval.

2.       (Stateside ONLY!) An email containing a job ticket for each item being ordered, proofs of each item and a Hospitality Form that will need to be filled out then sent to John Fugatt for his approval.


3.       (Foundation ONLY!) An email containing a job ticket for each item being ordered and proofs of each item that will need to be sent to Foundation to have a Purchase Order completed.

If requesting a royalty exemption, the form requesting the exemption and proofs will need to be filled out then sent to the Office of Trademark Licensing (Clarence Chiong) via Adobe Sign or email for his Licensing approval. 

NOTE: a request for exemption that is denied does not mean the order cannot be produced.  A denial signifies the order is subject to royalties. 



Once ALL paperwork has been approved and signed off on by either Clarence Chiong, John Fugatt or the Foundation, ALL signed copies need to be sent back to Printing Services in order to continue. Any delay in getting approvals will DELAY the order.

·         Delivery turnaround times will vary depending on the item being ordered. Normally, items are received between 2 and 4 weeks from orders being placed. Some items will take longer.

·         When orders start to arrive, Printing Services will contact the department to set up a pick up date/time.