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Should be in either red or black ink on white paper to reproduce properly( red reproduces the same as black).

Leave a minimum of 5/16" margin at the top or lead edge of the paper/card. (This is called the gripper edge.) no printing will occur in this non-image area.

To rule guide lines use a light blue non-reproducing pen or pencil.

Artwork 1

Artwork 2

Each color of a multicolor job must be separated. Occasions arise when the client does not have the facilities, or the separations are too complex. University Printing Services Graphic Artist can handle your color separation needs.

Color 1

Color 2

Color 3

If you want to have your artwork bleed (printed to the edge of the paper) a larger sheet of paper must be used to allow for the gripper. Cut marks must be used to indicate where the paper should be cut.

Computer generated screen tint must not be lighter than 20 percent.