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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management


Employees (Faculty, Staff, Student Assistants, Registered Volunteers):
There is medical and disability insurance coverage through the workers compensation program while employees are working on the job. The criteria is that the injury must have occurred "in the course and scope of employment". The coverage is mandated by state law, includes all employees, whether they are on campus or traveling on state business. Please see the Workers' Compensation section of the Human Resources web site for detailed information.

Students, Visitors and all others:
There is no medical coverage available. If the individual believes the University is responsible for his/her injuries and medical cost, their only recourse is to file a claim with the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board. Contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management (EHS/RM) at 559.278.7422 for notification and to obtain a claim form

If you see an accident on campus please call:

  • University Police by dialing 911 from a campus phone or 559.278.8400 from a cell phone.
  • Jaime Horio at 559.278.8787 or 559.278.7422.

You may be asked to complete a State of California Accident Report (Accident Report - STD 268).


Accident Report - STD 268

Serious Incident Witness Tips