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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

COVID-19 Occupational Related Illness Prevention Written Plan

It is the policy of the University to maintain, insofar as it is reasonably within its control to do so, campus  environments for faculty, staff, students and the visiting public that will not adversely affect their health and safety nor subject them to avoidable risks of accidental injury or illness.  No personnel shall be required to perform any task which is determined to be unsafe or unreasonably hazardous.

To accomplish this, the University shall provide facilities and equipment that meet all federal, state and local (where applicable) safety laws and regulations, and shall promulgate appropriate policies, standards and procedures for governing campus health and safety programs.

For a copy of the written plan required by Cal/OSHA in California Code of Regulations Title 8 section 3205 click on the link below:

California State University Fresno - Written COVID-19 Prevention Program