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Organizational Excellence

Lean/Process Improvement Projects

Summary of Lean/ Process Improvement Projects Implemented Since 2009

Year Project
2009 -ETFs-Part 
-Time AP Contracts
-Leaves of Absence
-Employee Clearance (Separation Process)
2011 -Sponsored Programs Submission and Approval Process
-Additional Employment Processes
-Gift Acceptance Project
-Advancement Database Project
-Facilities Customer Service Request Process
-Graduation Expectations
-Printing Services Workflow
-Referral to the American English Institute (AEI) for Conditional University Admission
-Team International Graduate Program Cooridnators
-Team: Processing Applications with ISSP
2013 -Key access and issuance
2014 -Key access and issuance
-Technology Help Desk (forms)
-Litigation Holds
-CAIFE projects
-Streamline Policy Approval And Communication Process
2015 -Student Employement: Streamline process by which students identify and apply for employment on campus.

Trained Lean/ Process Improvement Facilitators

Facilitator Training Certification Department
Robert Guinn C3/Lean Technology Services
Tracy Garza Jane Human Resources
Dennis Nef Jane Academic Affairs
Debbie Astone Lean University Administrative Services
Vicki Taylor Lean University Administrative Services
Kathleen Scott Lean University Administrative Services
Diane Volpp Not formally trained but co-facilitated teams Faculty Affairs