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Organizational Excellence

Strategic Priority 4

Idea Summary Idea Submitter Next Step
A committee charged with developing a cohesive University strategy for programmatic growth in Downtown Fresno. David Hoff Forward to Department
A day dedicated to recognizing and displaying gratitude for philanthropy - Day of Thanking or Day of Gratitude. Fotini Pappas Alfieris Forward to Department
Expand the Student Cupboard and "Bulldogs in the Kitchen" initiatives to create student teaching kitchens. Michael Harding Forward to Department
Invite local and diverse food trucks to campus as way of community engagement and enrichment of our students. Boutsaba Janetvilay Already happening
Provide temporary shelter to homeless campus students Evangelina Owens Forward to Department
Institute an Ad-hoc committee comprised of department chairs of Fresno State and the local community colleges (SCCCD). Edward Romero Forward to Department
An idea to reduce waste, re-purpose unwanted items and save money for students, staff and faculty. Elizabeth Gonzalez Forward to Department
Create a ticketing system for the university. Soua Her Forward to Department
Develop a simple process whereby community members can propose and be approved for on-campus events. Michael Fiorentino Forward to Department
Fresno State Friend Zone - Create a designated space on campus where students can meet up to establish friendships. Lisa Anderson Forward to Department
Assisting homeless or struggling students with gas cards/gift cards Marcus Crawford Forward to Department
Student, Faculty, Staff, and Community Beach Volleyball Courts Nicole Walsh Not feasible
Have an interdisciplinary health committee composed of faculty members from different health majors departments across the campus. Caio Vinicuius Messias Sarmento Forward to Department
Put the History Wall (portraits of presidents and timeline of milestones) on display where ALL can see it. Lisa Boyles Forward to Department
Bulldog Card Swipe for tracking event attendance, interests on campus - utilizing Transact System John Howell Forward to Department
Activities on campus that would increase community involvement with the university and might create income opportunities for the students Serhat Asci Not feasible
Mobile platform for the Fresno State Community to buy, sell, trade items safely. Jonathan Castro Not feasible
Take an area of the old student union convert to an after school program for low income children. Michele Meza Not feasible
Air Raid Siren for Football Stadium Christopher Catalano Forward to Department