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Organizational Excellence

Strategic Priority 3

Idea Summary Idea Submitter Next Step
Create an accessible environment by placing an ADA table/chair in every classroom Belen Vera Already happening
Create a central campus electronic flyer repository and communication/delivery tool. Marie Fernandez Forward to Department
Create a standardized catalog submission process for University courses, including prerequisites, course details, and descriptions. Alexis Holladay Forward to Department
Modify shuttle bus steps and lower ID swipe for those with mobility issues Marsha Baum Forward to Department
Develop an intuitive online Q&A Hub that assists all users (students, faculty/staff, community) in finding answers to the most common questions. Kevin Medeiros Forward to Department
Kiosk for students to make payments for tuition/ other fees in Joyal South Lobby in addition to the Cashiers. Stephanie Moua Forward to Department
Create safer traffic on campus by implementing "Bulldog Tracks;" bike/scooter paths to alleviate possible collisions. Nadia Margison Forward to Department
Reverse pedestrian activated signal that will flash when cars are stopped at crosswalks Holly Baum Forward to Department
Fresno State can benefit from adding composting bins to campus. Erica Lassen Forward to Department
Grass removal to enhance campus sustainability and SGMA goals Mathieu Richaud Forward to Department
Bulldog Safety Alert System for fires, earthquakes and active shooters Danielle Quiroga Already happening
 Develop an online form for the Auxiliary Foundation to streamline paperwork for students, faculty, and staff. Jes Therkelsen Forward to Department
Make registration for graduating seniors more easy Dennis Padilla Forward to Department
Beautify the Campus Cupboard entrance John Marshall Forward to Department
 An ongoing University-wide call for artwork/photographs from students, faculty, staff, and alum to hang and decorate our beautiful campus. Jes Therkelsen Forward to Department
Go Green Competition! Rohit Mehta Forward to Department
 Allow classrooms to be mapped on campus maps so students can find their exact location easily Holly Baum Forward to Department
App that allows faculty, staff and students to locate open parking spaces on campus. Mazie Moua Not feasible
Fully commit to electric car infrastructure with more charging facilities across campus Anthony Radford Forward to Department
Campus Pointe Collective: Develop a food delivery service from on-campus dining and Campus Pointe to select stops around the university Sara Juarez Not feasible
Provide part-time lecturers off-campus access to HML's OneSearch search engine during semesters we don't teach. Alida Espinoza Forward to Department
The campus needs a central paper shredding center. Sean Boyd Forward to Department
A university online marketplace where "" addresses can sell goods and services (similar to Craigslist). Aric Mine Not feasible
On campus garage and mechanic to repair at no cost or low cost students cars Enid Perez Not feasible
"STACK PARKING" Lots 30/31: During busy times, S.A.s will serve as "valets" for yellow-pass drivers. Rebecca Reid Johansson Not feasible