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Organizational Excellence

Strategic Priority 2

Idea Summary Idea Submitter Next Step
Office for Conflict Resolution / Conflict Resolution Center for all campus constituents with four components:  Mediation services Mediation training Ombudsman  ADR certificate / curriculum Kirsten Corey Forward to Department
Staff Exchange: This program creates opportunities for departments to exchange staff for a semester. Colin Stewart Forward to Department
 Provide our valued faculty and staff with an opportunity to receive an annual flu shot. James Marshall Forward to Department
Bulldog Bark Hour, take a moment to gain some insight on a campus group or office. Develop a new connection! Rima Maldonado Forward to Department
Provide tours of various offices on campus for faculty and staff offered through Organizational Excellence similar to Administrative Academy. Liliana Oceguera Forward to Department
Lecturer Appreciation Week. Each college along with college divisions gather to appreciate our part time and temporary faculty. Claudia Lopez Forward to Department
Parenting and Life Lesson Courses for faculty and staff; offered through the wellness office taught by faculty April Cardiel Forward to Department
Feature different offices (similar to when we feature individual employees) on campus in every weekly/issue of the Campus News-Faculty/Staff Newsletter. Liliana Oceguera Forward to Department
Encouraging staff and faculty to become "Better Allies" and truly embrace, champion, advocate and be inclusive in the workplace. Elizabeth Gonzalez Forward to Department
Use BMP (ie. Disney) and to increase awareness and embracing of FS Values and Principles of Community. Laura Ramos Forward to Department
 As a BOLD IDEA, I would love to purpose a 4 - 10 Work week. Randy Haar Forward to Department
Doggie Daycare on Campus Holly Baum Not feasible
Dr. Castro visits one department a month, just to say hello, unannounced, in a classroom too. Carolos Martinez Dominguez Forward to Department