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CSU Learn

CSU Learn is Fresno State's one-stop shop for on-campus and online learning. Easily view and register for upcoming workshops, and stay up-to-date on your online required courses. Browse hundreds of learning courses and modules to expand your knowledge and expertise. Explore your CSU Learn portal here.

Quick Guides

Employee Quick-Start Guide
Manager Quick-Start Guide
2 Minute Overview Video

On-Campus Workshops

View the calendar and register for upcoming workshops here.

Compliance courses:

Employees will automatically receive email notifications to complete their respective compliance courses

Quick Tips and FAQs

  • Don't use Internet Explorer.
  • Don't use mobile devices.
  • Disable your Pop-Up Blocker and AdBlocker (contact IT support if you don't know how to do that).
  • Before launching a course, click the word "Register" (and not the drop-down arrow).
  • Keep the background browser window open to record your completion.
  • You will receive an email confirming your course completion

How do I know what and when a course will be assigned to me?

Date Course Title Frequency

February 15th – email notification sent

March 15th – completion due

Data Security & FERPA

Level 1 users

All other users


 Every 2 years

March 15th – email notification sent

April 15th – completion due
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest (for COI Designated Positions & Principal Investigators) Every 2 years

September 1st – email notification sent

October 1st – completion due
Gender Equity and Title IX Annually

September 1st – email notification sent

October 1st – completion due
CSU’s Discrimination Harassment & Prevention Program (Supervisors & Non-supervisors) Every 2 years

For a complete list, click here

Please click on the word REGISTER - the START button will become visible after you register.

Yes. All state employees are required to complete both of these programs.

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to log in to CSU Learn, click on the Assigned Learning tile and then find the course you want to start.

CSU Learn launches training in two windows: the content window and the tracking window. This “in progress” screen is the tracking window. Please minimize the tracking window and see if the course content is available in any other open windows. If you still can’t find the course content, please disable your popup blocker and re-launch the training.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported by CSU Learn. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead.

Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, log in to CSU Learn, click on the Transcript tile and then the drop down arrow at the top left to review additional dates.