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Campus Walking Routes: Bulldog Trails 

The Bulldog Trails were created as a result of a Bold Idea submitted in 2014. The trails became a reality in 2015 thanks to the work of one of our CAIFE teams and are now used widely by Faculty, Staff, Students and Campus Visitors. 

Download a printable version of the Bulldog Trails walking routes.

A Fresno State map showing all walking paths available.

Whether you are looking for a quick walk for your morning or afternoon break, or a longer trail that is perfect for a run, check out these Bulldog Trails for great walking and running routes throughout Fresno State’s campus. 

Green path which is the largest 2.6 mile path.

Looking to get a great run in during lunch or after work? Take the green route around the outskirts of campus and enjoy this 2.6 mile Bulldog Trail.

Fresno State map showing the blue path which is 2 miles long.

Taking this loop through campus will give you about 4,000 steps – nearly half of your daily recommended amount! The blue trail is marked with blue paw prints on each trail marker. 

1.5 Mile map

If done at a brisk pace, this 30 minute trail is great for a lunch time stroll around campus. The pink trail is marked with white paw prints on each trail marker. 

Fresno State map showing the red path which is 1 mile long.

This Bulldog Trail is perfect for walking on a morning or afternoon break. This 1-mile trail is covered with ample shade for a quick walk on hot, summer days. The red trail is marked with red paw prints on each trail marker. 

Fresno State map showing the orange map which is .5 miles long.

Have a meeting on the other side of campus? This trail through the heart of campus is only 0.5 miles – a quick and easy way to work physical activity in to the day. Don’t forget to slow down and take in the smells of the rose bushes on this lovely walk!

Yellow path

Wondering what to do with your 15 minute morning break? Walk this quick, 0.5 mile trail that takes you from one side of campus to the other, past the beautiful Library .

Light blue path

Step away from campus and take this scenic trail to the new Square at Campus Point. Perfect for a quick walk to lunch, and stopping by the farmers market for some fresh fruit makes the 0.2 mile trail unbeatable!

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