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Organizational Excellence

Staff Recognition Awards

Staff Awards

In an effort to further recognize the exemplary work of our staff, we launched the Staff Recongnition Awards program in January 2020. (This program was the result of a 2018 Bold Idea and recommendation of a CAIFE team, and is modeled after the Provost’s awards).

We encourage all faculty, administrators, and staff to consider nominating their staff colleagues who exemplify all of the criteria in one of four award categories – Principles of Community (Outstanding Staff Award), Innovation Award, Student Sucess Award, and Bulldog Spirit Award.

Nominations are now open for the 2024 Staff Awards are being accepted from February 12, 2024  to March 8, 2024 Award winners will be announced and honored at STAR Day.

Please review the information below to learn more about the nomination process and the criteria for each award category, or nominate a colleague now.

Nomination and Review Process

Nominations must be submitted online by 5pm on March 8th and should provide all information requested, detailing how the nominee meets each award criteria. Submissions are required to be of a minimum length (i.e., as indicated on the nomination form) to ensure equity among the nominations.

Nominations are reviewed by a Cabinet-appointed review team and are scored based on how well nominees meet the award criteria. The review team will forward the top three finalists in each award category to the Cabinet (unranked) for final selection. A nominee can be considered as a finalist in only one award category during an academic year.

Awardees will receive a $350 cash award (subject to appropriate payroll taxes) or $350 in professional development funds.

2024 Nomination Form

Award Categories


Bulldog Spirit Award

The Bulldog Spirit award recognizes a staff member who displays exceptional Fresno State pride and spirit.


  •  Demonstrates spirit, passion, and pride for Fresno State.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to campus and community services.

  • Embodies and embraces Fresno State traditions, values, and Bulldog Pride.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes a staff member who has made exceptional contributions and improvements to their department or division through creativity and innovative thinking.


  •  Contributes creative ideas and service improvements leading to more effective and efficient processes, improvements to teaching and learning, and/or cost savings.

  • Encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing among co-workers to achieve positive outcomes.

  • Goes the extra mile to ensure the success of the team and consistently delivers high quality service.

Principles of Community - Outstanding Staff Award

The Principles of Community Outstanding Staff Award acknowledges a staff member who upholds Fresno State's Principles of Community and consistently excels in their work. This award seeks to recognize a staff member who maintains a positive attitude, interacts with others in a friendly, welcoming and inclusive manner, and inspires others to model these behaviors.


  • RESPECTFUL: Approaches interpersonal interactions with collegiality and integrity; values all employees and welcomes their contributions; listens to all perspectives with the intent to understand; honors word and commitments; maintains confidentiality and privacy as appropriate.

  • KIND: Promotes a positive workplace culture and fosters a sense of belonging by demonstrating compassion, empathy, care, and concern; contributes to making Fresno State a welcoming community; uses words thoughtfully; acknowledges the contributions of others; assumes good intentions; is patient and supportive.

  • COLLABORATIVE: Works collaboratively to achieve common goals, supports the greater good and embraces Fresno State's mission; builds relationships that create a positive work and learning environment; demonstrates support of other's goals; considers diverse ideas and opinions and participates fully as a positive team member making space for others to shine.

  • ACCOUNTABLE: Recognizes and acknowledges best aspects of the workplace and the talents of co-workers; faces challenges and obstacles with a positive attitude by clearly communicating expectations, goals, and objectives; explains the purpose of decisions and actions; shares honest and meaningful feedback in a timely manner and receives feedback with an open mind; takes responsibility for behaviors and actions.

Student Success Award

The Student Success Award acknowledges a staff member who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the success of our students, which may include but is not limited to advising, career readiness, counseling, financial services, mentoring, services/referrals, and tutoring.


  • Provides superior support to our students, contributes to their success, and does so outside of their regular, expected duties.

  • Takes extraordinary steps to ensure academic and non-academic accomplishment.

  • Consistently recognizes and works to address the needs of our most at-risk and underserved: first-generation student parents, Pell-eligible, students with disabilities, and/or Underrepresented Minority students.