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Organizational Excellence

President’s Showcase of Excellence Goes Digital for 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the President’s Showcase of Excellence, planned for April 17 will be reformatted. In place of an in-person celebration, we will create for the first time an alternative online experience. We intend to uphold the original purpose of the President’s Showcase: to share and celebrate stories of success, innovation and best practice from across the University. We will just do this in a different format.

The event traditionally features a two-hour poster session where our campus community comes together to connect, share and learn from one another. Last year, nearly 100 poster exhibitors and 500 faculty and staff attended the event. In the spirit of continuous innovation, we will share the 2020 President’s Showcase of Excellence posters online in pdf format.   


Information for Showcase Exhibitors


Click here to register 

Registration to participate in the newly formatted showcase remains open until April 4.

2. DESIGN your poster and UPLOAD the art by Friday, April 10.


Once we post your poster online we hope you will help share using social media #PSOE2020 and other means to help us honor and celebrate the innovative work that is happening across the campus.  

The Showcase is open to presenters from faculty, staff and student organizations at Fresno State. Individuals and/or teams are welcome.

The showcase will feature a variety of innovations, planning and process improvement projects or initiatives in both academic departments and administrative units. Posters serve to help tell the story and demonstrate the impact on the unit and/or across campus. The poster highlights how the project or process achieves one or more of the following:

  • Improves services to students, teaching or learning
  • Engages students, faculty, staff and/or other constituents
  • Advances the campus strategic priorities
  • Saves time and/or resources
  • Fixes an inefficient process
  • Improves climate
  • Develops new programs
  • Increases effectiveness

  • Campus leaders and administrators
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Community

We know that time is precious and that not everyone has graphic design skills or time to design a poster from scratch. We made it simple so everyone who wishes to participate can.

  • Template is a PowerPoint slide. Simply insert your images and content
  • Feel free to change the template or create your own.
  • The template is already sized for printing at 30" x 40".
  • Name your poster file using "your project title_PSOE20". For example Food Security Project would be saved as: 
  • If you need to upload a new version, please use projecttitle_PSOE20_update
  • Upload the completed PowerPoint no later than April 10, 2020.
  • At this point we are not planning to print posters but if you wish to you certainly can send the pdf to the Printshop for printing. Note, your department will need to cover this expense. 
  • Check out samples from last year. 

This is entirely up to you. Consider what elements are needed to best illustrate your project, work or initiative. Below is a list of components to consider. Feel free to pick and choose what works best to tell your story.

  • Project Title (Insert on top bar of poster. As a rule title should be readable at a distance of 4-5 ft.)
  • Tagline (If applicable. Tagline should be no longer than 25 words and it should highlight the innovation and/or lesson learned.)
  • Graphics: Illustrations, images, tables, photos, figures, info graphics, charts, flow charts, process maps, etc.
  • Background/Objective
  • Documentation of the impact this project had on your unit/or the campus
  • Mission Statement/Visions/Goals
  • Milestones/Achievements from conception to the present
  • Solutions/Results
  • A look ahead/next steps
  • Team members

Examples of Display Boards:

Check out Display Boards examples from last year. 

Questions/More information?

Contact Kathleen Scott - or 278-5299