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Organizational Excellence

2020 Exhibitors

Strategic Priority 1

Priority 1 Strategies
Project Title Team Members Department
Archiving a Crisis in Real Time: COVID 19 in 2020 Adam Wallace  Library Services
Research Compliance at Fresno State Svetlana Bagdasarov  Research & Sponsored Programs
What's new at Fresno State's Observatories Frederick Ringwald  Physics
Statistical Reasoning in Introductory Physics Lab John Walkup,Roger Key, Patrick Talbot, Avery Sheldon  Physics
Gaylen Lee Memorial Fund: Building a Bridge Between Native American Tribes and the University John Pryor  Anthropology
 Off-Campus Student Life Gerardo Gomez  Student Involvement
 Fresno State Esports Gerardo Gomez  Student Involvement
It's All About Student Driven Learning! Sue Yang, JoLynne Blake, Walt Hebern  Center for Faculty Excellence
Using SPICE (Students and Practitioners for Interprofessional Collaboration and Education) to Tackle the Opioid Epidemic in the Central Valley Stephanie Reed, Scott Sailor, Marie Gilbert, Rebecca Leon  Kinesiology
TRIO Student Support Services Veterans Russell Gross  TRIO Student Support Services
TALK: Strategic Promotion Solutions Elizabeth Hays Media, Comm and Journalism
Graduate Study Center Debra Neufeld, Chuck Radke, Ronald Dzerigian  Research and Graduate Studies
Equipping Staff to Provide Supporting Students with ID/DD Gary Hagy, Mackenzie Burke  Wayfinders
Job Coaching, Work Shift Summaries, and Employee Appraisals for Students with ID/DD Gary Hagy, Leslie Shirakawa  Wayfinders
Healthier Campus Initiative through Partnership for a Healthier America Kathleen Yarmo, Amber Hammons Student Health and Counseling
Fresno State STEM 5 Crystle Ruz, Gabriel Gatchalian, Harrison Lutz  Lyles Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
TRIO Student Support Services Program Tong Lee, Joe Guerra, Giselle Flores Cortes  TRIO Student Support Services
Student Engagement Activities Gabriel Gatchalian  Lyles Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Richter Center Scholars In Service Program Michael Fiorentino Community Engagement & Service
Enhancing the Transfer Experience through a Collaborative Cohort Program for Engineering Scholars Fariborz Tehrani, Nell Papavasiliou, Elizabeth Adams, Nancy Gutierrez-Sauceda Civil & Geomatics Engineering
Reflecting with Student Leaders Mellissa Jessen-Hiser, Taylan Parker Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement & Service - Learning
Fostering Environmental Literacy Rosanna Ruiz Recreation Administration
Cross Cultural and Gender Center Carolyn Brown, Dr. Francine Oputa, Vicki Taylor, Estevan Parra Library Services
Upward Bound Programs, Helping Students Go to  College Brenda Valladolid Upward Bound
President's Commission on Human Relations and Equity Carolyn Brown Library Services

Strategic Priority 2

Priority 2 Stratigies
Project Title Team Members Department
Organizational Excellence: Building Capacity and Strengthening Our Campus Culture Kathleen Scott, Katie Williamson, Eloisa Valdivia Administration & Finance
Improving Workplace Quality Kathleen Scott, Rudy Sanchez  Administration & Finance

Strategic Priority 3

Priority 3 Strategies
Project Title Team Members Department
Student-Led Sustainability Efforts at Fresno State Jason Vang, Marissa Acosta, Nicole Lucha, Feng Teter CSM Advising & Resources Ctr

Strategic Priority 4

Priority 4 Strategies
Project Title Team Members Department
California Reading & Literature Project: Bridging Literacy and Teacher Capacity in the Central Valley Patricia M. Lopez, Nichole Walsh Literacy, Early, Bilingual and Special Education
Raising Awareness of Middle Eastern Culture at Fresno State through Multidisciplinary Collaborations  Jamie Jones, Negin Tahvildary International Student Services
Peaceful Problem Solving Negin Tahvildary, Mara Thornton, Farzam Maymand Philosophy
We Are Who We Serve: Veterans, Reservists and National Guardsmen Russell Gross, Aaron Cline, Jeremy Chapman  TRIO Student Services
Community Service  Through Education Events Kristy Sun, Xiaojun Li, Feiyan Chen Collaboration with Department of Viticulture and Enology, Department of Psychology, Department of Literacy, Early Bilingual and Special Education, Department of Finance and Business Law"
Jumpstart at Fresno State Neil Dion, Song Vang-Sung  Jumpstart Program
The Q Clothing Closet Estevan Parra, Kiana Medina  Cross Cultural and Gender Center
Asian Pacific Islander Program Services Lunch and Learn Series Shimel Saychou Cross Cultural & Gender Center
Community and Regional Planning Center Frida Cardoza Office of Community & Economic Development
Connecting Fresno State to San Joaquin Valley Eduardo Gonzalez Office of Community & Economic Development
Providing Educational Services to Parents throughout the San Joaquin Valley Cynthia De Leon-Velasco, Emily Lazaro-Salgado, Angelica Duque Office of Community & Economic Development
San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium Cynthia De Leon-Velasco, Eduardo Gonzalez  Office of Community & Economic Development
San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center Cynthia De Leon-Velasco, Eduardo Gonzalez  Office of Community & Economic Development
California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley Cynthia De Leon-Velasco, Eduardo Gonzalez  Office of Community & Economic Development
Peace Garden-Celebrating 30 Years   Kapoor Sudarshan Philosophy