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Organizational Excellence

2018 Exhibitors

Strategic Priority 1

Strategic Priority 1
Project Title Team Member(s) Department
A: Myth of Content Mastery of the Top 10% Joseph Ross Biology
A Foundation for Academic
Success: Life Lessons from
Wayfinders at Fresno State
Gary Hagy, Stephanie Foster,
Anna Vue
Wayfinders at Fresno State
A Foundation for Nutritional
Success: Life Lessons from
Wayfinders at Fresno State
Gary Hagy, Jasmin Rocha,
Patricia Ybarra
Wayfinders at Fresno State
A Pilot Investigation of Zoo
Inquiry Projects for Introductory
Chemistry Laboratories
Jordyn Kamitono Chemistry
Academic Success Workshops:
Pro-actively Fostering Student
Engagement and Retention of
Intangible Learning Skills
Jamaal Washington Learning Center
Advising & Student Success:
Campus Wide Collaboration
Kathy Dunbar, Ashley
University Advising Center
Assessing the Academic
Challenges of Hmong Students
at Fresno State
Dr. Yoshiko Takahashi,
Alexandra Nottbohm
Brew U Susan Hawksworth Continuing and Global Education
Bringing Back the Spirit of
Fresno State Homecoming
Gerry Elizondo, Shawna Blair Student Involvement
Building Opportunities with
Networks of Discovery (BOND)
Mara Brady, Beth Weinman,
Jaime Arvizu, Laura Wang
College of Science and Mathematics
CAFA Mentorship Program Xuanning Fu, Harry Xia, Tiewei
Liu, Jasmine Cao, Feiyan Chen,
Hong Ni, Ming Li, Pei-ying Wu,
Qun Sun, Shu Lin, Xiangyang
Shi, Xiaoming Yang, Zhi Wang
International Student Services
and Programs
Center for Leadership Breanne Scogin, Sophie Karas,
Camerina Morales, Gilbert Falcon
Student Involvement
Central Valley Emerging
Leaders Summit
Breanne Scogin, Amanda
Banks, Sophie Karas, Sara
Vazquez, Rachel Gascon
Student Involvement
Chinatown New Year’s Parade Jes Therkelsen, Marco
Aguilera, Nathan Agustin,
Jennifer Brokob, Jason Duong,
Christopher Erlenheim, Nicholas
Escalante, Chase Goossen,
Alexandra Harrell, Essence
Harris, Alyssa Honore, Alexis
Perez, Emilio Torres, Stacey Vue,
Cha Yang, Rachel Zurcher
Media, Communications &
Journalism: MCJ 116
Collaborative Advising Through
Satellite Services
Francisco Bucio, Pajai Xiong,
Sandy Ho, Ethan Moreno,
Andrew Lopez
Collaborative Film Project: The
“Specula” Web Series
Kathleen McKinley, Candace
Egan, Juan Barrios, Ronald
Camacho, Jason Duong, Cruz
Gonzales, Ediberto Gonzalez,
Mikila Lawless, Mali Lee, Kristina
Mays, Zackary Potter, Jose Puga
Jr., Alicia Rodriguez, Kendra
Rodriguez, Alejandro Soto, Craig
Talbot, Parker Tompkins, Emilio
Torres, Valeria Valdez, Stacey
Vue, Yeng Xiong, Cha Yang
Theatre and Media,
Communications and
Community Learning Assistant
Karla Moreno, Jessica Bustos,
Edwin Rivas, Alfredo Lopez,
Xayaphone (Xay) Salinthone,
Elizabeth-Agnes Gaw
College of Science and
COSS Linked: Peer Mentor
Joseph Escoto, Cristina Colin College of Social Sciences
Dharma: Hindu, Jain, Buddhist
and Sikh Traditions of India
Veena R. Howard Department of Philosophy
EOP- A Legacy of Student Success John Lor, Judy Clements, Victor
Jacobo, Kornya Lansana
Fire and Ice: The Story of the
History and Prehistory of Fish Camp
John Pryor Anthropology
Student Involvement
Fresno State at the Forefront of
Serving Dream Students
Gabriela Encinas, Brenda
Dream Success and Outreach
Fresno State Barking Bulldogs
Debate Team
Tom Boroujeni, Primavera Leal
Martinez, Hunter Sansom, Nick
Mirza, Aaron Lowe
Fresno Family Counseling Center Christopher Lucey, Maira Hernandez,
Addison Torossian, Maria Isabel
Gonzalez, Kanisha McCall
Counselor Education Program-
Fresno State Focus Faith Sidlow, Kim Stephens,
Elisa Navarro, Vanessa Romo
Media, Communications &
Fresno State Graduate Study Center Chuck Radke, Ronald Dzerigian,
Debra Neufeld, Christopher
Division of Research and
Graduate Studies
Graduate Net Initiative Dr. Maritere Lopez, Estevan Parra Graduate Net Initiative
Healthy Campus Initiative–
Year 1
Kathy Yarmo, Dr. Amber
Hammons, Alicia Nelson, Nicole
Smith, Bhupinder Singh
Student Health and Counseling
Center & Faculty Health Cohort
Inclusive Teaching Resources
and Strategies
Center for Faculty Excellence Center for Faculty Excellence
Jumpstart Fresno Grizelva Sanchez, Neil Dion Jumpstart - Richter Center
New Generation of Educators
Kremen Multiple Subject
Educator Preparation Program
Literacy, Early, Bilingual and
Special Education
NEW Spring 2018! The Money
Management Center
Charah Coleman Money Management Center
New Student Assistant On-Line
Training Jaydene Elvin, Gina Sandi-Diaz, Cheryl Chan
Sheila Gallagher-Price Career Development Center
Participation in Student
Todd A. Lone, Serhat Asci Agricultural Business
Professional Development while
Studying Abroad
Annette Levi Agricultural Business
Providing for our Students Basic
Jessica Medina, Diana
Food Security, Student Health
and Counseling Center
PR Cases & Campaigns Spring
2019 - Yosemite & Cat Haven
Betsy Hays, Nancy Barragan,
Morgan McGuire, Thomas Bayhi
Media, Communications &
Journalism - PR Cases &
Campaigns Course
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
Practitioner Program
Dr. Janice Sanders The School of Nursing and Central
California Center for Nursing Excellence
Research Compliance Program
at Fresno State
Svetlana Bagdasarov Division of Research and
Graduate Studies
Service-Learning Coaches Mellissa Jessen-Hiser, Taylan Parker Richter Center for Community
Engagement and Service-Learning
Student Success - Experiential
Learning in Agriculture
Balaji Seth, Anil Shreshtha, Dave
Goorahoo, Florence Sharma
Industrial Technology, Jordan College
of Ag Sciences and Technology
Student Support Services
Russell Gross, Luisana Martinez,
Jason Dunbar, Gail Harris, Zamies
Hernandez, Stephanie Rivas,
Anna Rivera, Josh Delano, Daniel
Soriano, Gustavo Martinez-
Cardoso, Katherine Frazier
Student Success Services
Study Abroad Website Frank Puccio Continuing and Global Education
Supporting and Enhancing
Teaching in the 21st Century
Mary Bennett, JoLynne Blake,
Walt Hebern, Sue Yang
Center for Faculty Excellence
Run PR Firm Betsy Hays, Rosa Perales, Yolanda
Media, Communications & Journalism
MCJ 177T: PR Agency Practicum
Title IX Training Jamie Hogan Office of the Vice President for
Administration - Title IX
Theatre Arts for Teachers in
Training Training Jaydene Elvin, Gina Sandi-Diaz, Cheryl Chan
Jaydene Elvin, Gina Sandi-Diaz,
Cheryl Chan
Linguistics, Theatre Arts,
American English Institute
The Transferable Skills of
Supplemental Instruction
Ko Yang, Nancy Rosales, Tony
Losongco, Crystina Ciula, Itzcalli
Pizano, Maria Rodriguez
Supplemental Instruction/
Learning Center
TRIO Works Celeste Tafolla, Dulce Flores Ernesto
Ayon, Jessica Gil, Joe Guerra
TRIO Student Support Services
VA Central California & Fresno
State - University 8
Mario Nunez, Crystal Benavidez TRIO - Student Support Services
Veterans Education Program
Daniel Bernard, Tom Boroujeni,
Jordan Cody
Division of Continuing and Global
@BulldogsTell Amanda Stewart and Students Division of Student Affairs and
Enrollment Management
360 Video: Students and Faculty
Experiment with 360 Video
Candace Egan, Faith Sidlow,
Christopher Erlenheim, Nicholas
Escalante, Robert Falat, Ediberto
Gonzalez, Cyrel Mallory, Claudia
Morales, Breanna Perez, Brittney
Steele, Malachi Taylor, Eric Zamora
Media, Communications and

Strategic Priority 2

Strategic Priority 2
Project Title Team Member(s) Department
Campus Preparedness Amy Luna Campus
Clifton Strengths: An
Asset Based Approach to
Fostering Communication and
Engagement on Campus
Heather Ryan, Stelter Brown,
Renee Cromer
Employee Wellness Morgan Spiegel Organizational Excellence
Faculty and Staff Onboarding Brittany Isom Human Resources
Improving Workplace Quality Kathleen Scott, Rudy Sanchez Organizational Excellence
OIE Faculty and Student
Matthew Zivot Office of Institutional
Organizational Excellence at Fresno State Kathleen Scott, Katie
Williamson, Eloisa Valdivia
Organizational Excellence
President’s Leadership
Kathleen Scott, Rudy Sanchez Organizational Excellence and
Faculty Affairs
Project Based Learning Events
to Impact Student Success
William Hardaway, Tony
Losongco, Haley Chapman,
Mungang Vang
Learning Center
Women in Law Enforcement Amy Luna Police Department

Strategic Priority

Strategic Priority 3
Project Title Team Member(s) Department
 CSU Chemicals  Ryan Preston  EH&S
GrantLaunch - Simplify
Research Administration
Processes to Make Better
Decisions Faster
 Edgar Parrilla  Division of Research and
Graduate Studies - Research
and Sponsored Programs
Meter Technology Upgrade  Derek Brantley Traffic Operations
Craig School of Business
 Peters Building Collaborative
Study Spaces
 Cara Peracchi Douglas,
Lauren Butler
Craig School of Business
Smart Campus with
loT and Cloud
Max J. Tsai,  Jonathan Castro  Technology Services /
Twenty By Twenty-Twenty:
Where We Are and Where
We’re Going
 Samantha Mallory  Earth and Environmental

Strategic Priority 4

Strategic Priority 4
Project Title Team Member(s) Department
Auxiliary Services Auxiliary Services Auxiliary Services
Bringing the Outside In:
Engaging Creative Learning and
Jami Helwig, Jennifer Crow Arne Nixon Center for the Study
of Children’s Literature
Building Connections to Care  Melissa Norris, Georgianna
Student Health and Counseling Center
California Partnership for the
San Joaquin Valley
Ismael Herrera California Partnership for the San
Joaquin Valley
Central Valley AgPLUS Erik Cherkaski Central Valley AgPLUS
Central Valley Cal-SOAP Millie Melikian, Alexis Perez Central Valley Cal-SOAP
DPELFS Advising Program
Mary Paul, Suzanne Rodriguez,
Ambar Alvarez Soto
Fresno State Amputee Clinic Bhupinder Singh, Jennifer Roos,
Nick Ward, Joseph Terrill
Physical Therapy
Fresno State Digital Repository (FSDR): Key Concepts and Best Practices Lucy Liu, David Drexler, Renaldo Gjoshe, Maria Pena, Carol Doyle, Jane Magee, Britt Foster, Peter McDonald Library
Fresno State STEM 5 Joseph Marcure, David Hale, Gabriel Gatchalian  Lyles Center
Global Voices of Fresno State Support Community Literacy Jamie Jones, Arturo Mendoza International Student Services & Programs
GradesFirst New Appointment Center Monica Quintero, Anna Morales Learning Center
InfoReady Review: Software that makes Opportunities Easier to Discover and Applications Easier to Process Gayle Sherwood Division of Research and Graduate Studies
Library Diversity Committee: Cultivating New Collaborations and Successes Raymond Pun, Hiromi Kubo, Michelle Pratt, et al Library & Library Diversity Committee
Making Study Abroad Affordable Marcela Magdalena Study Abroad
OCED Ismael Herrera OCED
Off-Campus Student Life Project Juan Guzman Student Involvement
Parent University Felipe Perez Perez Parent University
Peaceful Problem Solving Mediator Mentors; Negin Tahvildary, Dr. Peter McDonald, Dr. Andrew Fiala, Dr. Jacques Benega Philosophy
Radio Television Digital News Association Faith Sidlow, Elisa Navarro, Vanessa Romo, Matt Broughton, Razmik Canas, Allizbeth Trujillo, Mitzi Cardenas, Adrian Luevano, Bobby Falat Student Club Organization
Reimagining the California Reading & Literature Project (CRLP) at Fresno State Nichole Walsh LEBSE Department
San Joaquin Regional Broadband Consortium Eduardo Gonzalez San Joaquin Regional Broadband Consortium
San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center Eduardo Gonzalez San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center
San Joaquin Valley Writing Project: Cultivating K-12-University Relationships to Improve the Teaching of Writing Dr. Juliet Wahleithner & Dr. Kathleen Godfrey, Co-Directors, San Joaquin Valley Writing Project Literacy, Early, Bilingual, & Special Education (Wahleithner) & English (Godfrey)
Sports Science Institute Luke Pryor, Jeff Delong Kinesiology
Student Engagement Activities Shannon Sill, Tina Baker, Mark Aguilar Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship