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Human Resources

Conflict of Interest

Compliance Required of Designated Positions

Conflict of Interest Filing Process

Designation of Filing Officers

Executive Order 295

Compliance Required of Principle Investigators

Principal Investigators - Conflict of Interest Policy Update

Interim Policy on Conflict of Interest in Grants and Contracts for Principal Investigators at California State University, Fresno (APM 505)

HR 2005-38 - Superseded by HR 2015-05

HR 2015-05

Policies & Programs

Conflict of Interest Handbook for the California State University (Feb. 2017)

Payee Data Record Supplement Form

Policy on Nepotism (APM 303)

Policy on Faculty-Student Consensual Relations at California State University, Fresno (APM 346)

Compliance Required of All Employees

Public Contract Code Restrictions for CSU Employees (excludes those employees with teaching and research responsibilities) (HR 2003-21)

Limitations and Restrictions on Gifts, Honoraria, Travel and Loans (HR 2015-06)


Policy on Special Consultants at California State University, Fresno (G-27)

HR 1994-20 (Attachments A, A-1 and B not posted)

  • Supplement 1

Employment and Conflicts of Interest and Incompatible Activities

  • HR 2005-05
  • HR 2014-14, effective 07/01/08

Public Contract Code Restrictions for CSU Employees

  • HR 2003-21, effective 01/01/04
  • HR 2003-09, effective through 12/31/03

Additional Employment Policy (G-02)

Additional Employment Policy - Managers (G-54)

Code of Ethics - Contract Services & Procurement

Ethics Regulations (HR 2015-03)

Have a question about anything related to the Conflict of Interest training requirement or content interpretation? Just submit it to us at and we’ll make sure it is directed to the appropriate expert.

Whistleblower Protection (Executive Order 1115) - Establishes procedures for employees and applicants for employment at the CSU to make protected disclosures of improper governmental activities or significant threats to health and safety.

  • Whistleblower Protection Policy
  • Whistleblower Hotline Information

Learn more about Whistleblower Protection on their website.

Whistleblower 2023 Brochure

Whistleblower 2023 Webinar

How to File a Complaint for Retaliation for Making a Protected Disclosure
CSU Employees, Former employees and Applicants for employment who allege that they have been retaliated against for having made a protected disclosure under the California Whistleblower Act must use the procedure in Executive Order No. 1116.

Policy on Intellectual Property at California State University, Fresno (APM 540)

University Statement on Academic Freedom (APM 103)

Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment (APM 368)

Reporting of Fiscal Improprieties (CSU Executive Order 813)


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Academic Policy Manual

State of California - Office of the Attorney General

Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)