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Human Resources

Human Resources Processes

ETR Transactions must be completed by the department online through the MyFresnoState portal, Human Resources Activities, HR Transactions, Employee Transaction Request.  Human Resources will not accept emails, phone calls for employment transactions.  Due to the timeframes required for final payment under the Labor Code, it is critical department enter separations as soon as they receive them from an employee.  After entering the ETR, department Managers must approve leave usage through the separation date.
NOTE:  Retirements are entered by the Benefits team.

Employee Termination (Resignation)

  • Employee must submit written resignation indicating date of termination
  • Manager must accept written resignation
  • Complete online ETR
    • Enter reason
    • Attach written resignation and acceptance
    • Complete fields:
      • First day of non-employee
      • Last day physically worked
      • Reason for termination
      • Action Plan
      • Payroll Instructions

Separations include resignation, absence without official leave, service retirement, disability retirement

Employee Provides notice at least 72 hours before separation date:

  • If the employee provides the employer at least 72 hours of notice of his/her impending separation, he/she is entitled to owed wages at the time of separation.  

Employee gives less than 72 hours notification:

  • An employee who resigns from employment must be paid wages earned no later than 72 hours from date of separation.

The 72 hours is a continuous period that includes weekend and holidays.  For example, if an employee resigns without prior notice on Friday at 5:00 pm, the employer has until 5:00 pm the following Monday to pay owed wages.

Involuntary Separations/Discharges must be paid wages earned immediately.


For further information about employee and manager notifications from the HR Checklist process, please view the following guide: Employee Separation Checklist Process

For further reference please refer to HR-2003-15