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Emergency Procedures & Preparation

Suspicious Package

  1. Do not attempt to touch or move the object.
  2. Evacuate the immediate area.
  3. Call Fresno State Police Department at 559.278.8400 or 911 from a campus phone.
    1. DO NOT use a CELL PHONE or two-way radio. Radio signals may activate remote controlled devices.
  4. Await further instructions from police personnel.

An employee who discovers a suspected bomb should immediately notify the Fresno State Police Department at 559.278-8400 or 911 from a campus phone.

A search of the area by employees is the best method to determine if there is a suspicious object in the area since employees are familiar with their work area and will recognize something that is out of place. Police personnel will assist employees during a search.

Office personnel should only search their immediate work area. Convey results of the search to the police department. Searches of other building areas will be carried out by police teams.

Explosions can be packaged in a variety of containers and will most likely be camouflaged. The container may be a common article, such as a backpack, book, box, grocery bag, athletic bag, airline flight bag, attache case, etc. Look for the unusual or something that appears to be out of place. It is important that someone familiar with the area assist with the search in order to note something unusual or alien to the surroundings. Anything that does not belong or cannot be adequately explained is a suspicious object!


For further information, please contact the Fresno State Police Department at 559.278.8400 or 911 from a campus phone.

In an Emergency

Call Fresno State Police Department

  • 559.278.8400
  • 911 from a campus phone