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Emergency Procedures & Preparation


The president of each of the 23 campuses is delegated the responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of an emergency management system program on campus that will be activated when a hazardous condition or natural disaster reaches or has the potential for reaching proportions beyond the capacity of routine operations (Executive Order No. 1056)

In addition, each president is delegated the responsibility for implementing and maintaining an ongoing program on each campus that ensures the continuity of essential functions or operations following or during the recovery phase of a catastrophic event (Executive Order No. 1014).

California State University Emergency Management Program

Executive Order No. 1056

California Emergency Services Act

California Master Mutual Aid Act

Disaster Service Worker information

California Government Code 3100-3109
Title 19 Public Safety, Division 2, Chapter 2, Subchapter 3

In an Emergency

Call Fresno State Police Department

  • 559.278.8400
  • 911 from a campus phone

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