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Emergency Procedures & Preparation

Bomb Threat

An employee who receives a bomb threat should immediately call the Fresno State Police Department at 559.278.8400 or 911 from a campus phone.

If a bomb threat is received by phone, ask:

  1. When is the bomb going to explode or go off?
  2. Where is the bomb right now?
  3. What kind of bomb is it?
  4. What does it look like?
  5. Why did you place the bomb?
  6. Why are you doing this?

Remember - keep the caller on the phone as long as possible.

Record the following for the police:

  1. Time of call.
  2. Date of call.
  3. Exact words/phrases of person making the call.
  4. Age, gender.
  5. Speech pattern such as accent, slurred speech, lisp or stuttering.
  6. Background noises, if any.
  7. Any names mentioned.

If a bomb threat is received by mail:

  1. Do not handle the envelope or package.
  2. Call Fresno State Police at 559.278.8400 or 911 from a campus phone and stop anyone from entering the area where the package is located.
  3. Lock all doors, post "DO NOT ENTER," and then leave the area.

In an Emergency

Call Fresno State Police Department

  • 559.278.8400
  • 911 from a campus phone