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Emergency Procedures & Preparation

Campus Evacuation

On-Campus Assembly Points

Assembly points will be used during a disaster if leaving campus could be dangerous. If an assembly point evacuation is ordered, proceed to the closest of the following designated assembly areas. (See map)

  • Parking Lot P26, southwest corner (Red Zone)
  • Parking Lot P20, northwest corner (Orange Zone)
  • O'Neill Park at Barstow & Woodrow Avenues (Yellow Zone)
  • Parking Lot P2, southeast corner (Green Zone)
  • Grass Area, south of the Education Building (Blue Zone)
  • Parking Lot P27, southwest corner (Purple Zone)

Once gathered at an assembly point, faculty and supervisor/managers should organize their groups and ensure everyone is safe and needs no medical attention. Account, if possible, for absent students or staff.

Please remain at your assembly point until contacted by campus emergency personnel. Be prepared to inform campus emergency personnel of the following:

  • extent of injuries received by anyone in your group
  • persons in need of rescue
  • any hazardous condition such as fire or hazardous materials

Your information will be important in the overall assessment of the campus and effective prioritization of limited resources.

Immediate Danger Evacuation

At times it may be impractical to evacuate to an on-campus assembly point. Evacuation to an assembly point away from campus may be better advised. If an "immediate danger" evacuation is declared, remain calm and quickly proceed off campus in an orderly manner.

Remind others to stay calm.

Encourage others to assist in transporting pedestrians away from danger.

Within a 2-mile radius of campus tune your radio to 1040 on the AM dial to monitor the event and evacuation status.