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Emergency Procedures & Preparation

Building Evacuation

PDF Icon Building Evacuation Points

  • Immediately evacuate the building using the nearest/safest building exit.
    • Use the "buddy system" and look out for someone else.
    • Help each other get out of the building.
  • Be aware of occupants that need help and report the information to emergency personnel.
  • Proceed to the pre-designated building assembly point.
    • See building-specific Emergency Information Posting (example) located in each classroom, office, conference room for the location of the assembly point.
  • Avoid the use of elevators if there is a threat of fire, or in the event of an earthquake.
  • Faculty Members are responsible for providing evacuation leadership to the students in the class they are teaching when an evacuation order is given.
  • Managers/Supervisors are responsible for providing evacuation leadership of the employees under their supervision when in the work area during an evacuation order.
  • Inform the Safety/Building coordinator (or emergency personnel) of:
    • any student or occupant in need of rescue
    • extent of injuries received by anyone in your group
    • any hazardous condition such as fire or hazardous materials
  • Do not leave the assembly point until the building/safety coordinator or emergency personnel are aware that you have safely exited the building, and it is safe to do so.

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