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Administration and Finance

Building Recommendations

Siting and Orientation

  • Thumbnail of Building Categores - Click to view full-size graphic. Site and orient building to respect the orientation of existing significant buildings
  • Respond to the principal directions offlow of those approaching the building
  • Locate the service entrance towards the campus perimeter to minimize conflicts with those using campus footpaths.
  • Orient buildings to minimize solar gain yet receive adequate natural light.
  • Capitalize on special view possible from the site.
  • Locate support structures, such as parking garages, so that their functions do not conflict wit campus life or academic buildings.
  • More detailed information available from Master Plan PDF.

Stewardship and Sustainability

  • Building Development Areas - Click to view full-size graphic. Increase on-campus generation of power from renewable sources, notably solar power
  • Design buildings to operate with low energy demands
  • Make consistent use of performance measures to ensure full energy savings are being attained cost effectively
  • Consider systems that use natural ventilation, heating and cooling during certain times of the year.
  • Progressively replace existing plumbing fixtures with water conserving models.
  • More detailed information available from Master Plan PDF.

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