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Facilities Management

Physical Planning & Management

Facilities Planning coordinates campus facility planning through the development and management of the Space and Facilities Database (SFDB). This database, updated annually, is a key component in determining the need for major and minor capital improvement projects as well as equitable space distribution campus wide. The decisions that formed the Campus Master Plan and the various capital improvement projects are based, in part, by information obtained from the SFDB.

Space and Facilities Database

The Space and Facilities Database is the official California State University record for facility and space information. It provides an inventory of the type of activity taking place in each room, the number of individuals (based on CSU space standards) who should be accommodated in the space, and the square footage. This information is used to generate central reports from the CSU that substantiate the need for physical improvements. These improvements are consistent with the physical Campus Master Plan.

Any proposed changes to space that will change the use, size, or capacity must be coordinated with Facilities Planning in conjunction with the Provost. Authorization to change a space must be received prior to the start of any projects that will impact the activity the space was built to accommodate.


In accordance with the State University Administrative Manual (SUAM), the Board of Trustees requires that each campus develop a physical Campus Master Plan that reflects both existing and anticipated facilities needed to accommodate a specified enrollment at an estimated target date. This document, along with the SFDB, becomes the backbone for subsequent Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) that are submitted toward funding of state or planning of non-state projects.

The campus master plan map can be accessed at