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Facilities Management



Customer Service Request

Customer Service Request

The Service Center is the central service point for all repairs, maintenance, service requests, trouble calls and emergency repairs.

Our Team

Woman sitting at desk with a phone

A new unit within Facilities Management, FIS & Service Center is responsible for serving as the primary communications hub and receptacle of data for Facilities Management. This unit fields customer service calls, receives online service requests, and manages the computer maintenance management system (Facilities Link) that serves as the primary database for the department. Working closely with other Facilities Management units, sister departments, and outside vendors, FIS & Service Center works diligently to improve upon customer service, communication, and information fluidity to ensure that Facilities Management can best service its campus population.

Painters working on a crane lift outside a building

Consisting of nine unique areas of skilled trades personnel, Facilities Operations maintains over 50 different campus buildings and responds to over 12,000 different work requests, as well as offering support for Farm, Athletics, and Auxiliaries & Foundation buildings. Operations areas of expertise include: Carpentry, Lock Shop, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Paint, Metal, Project Supervision, and the Facilities Operations Warehouse. The skilled trades are on call 24/7 to mitigate emergencies on an unsleeping campus that is its own small city. 

Groundskeeper on a riding mower

A distinct team of gardening specialists, irrigation specialists, grounds workers, and equipment operators makes up the Landscape Services & Grounds team to keep Fresno State’s outdoor teaching lab in bloom. In 1979, Fresno State achieved official arboretum status, and it is this team that works diligently to keep the tree population at its optimal number and health for all to enjoy. This crew services 388 acres on the main campus and works daily in the Athletics facilities.

Custodial Staff moping the floor

The custodial team is committed to providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for the campus community. They service approximately 2,000,000 square feet of space across the breadth of more than 70 buildings. Three shifts of custodians trained in the most current environmentally sustainable products and methods move through the campus daily, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, vacuuming, mopping, waxing, and managing waste disposal. They are also responsible for supporting campus events, which includes setup, takedown, and any preemptive or post-event cleaning.

A mockup of the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Union

The Planning, Design & Construction team consists of two discrete units.

The Associate Director of Planning and Design is a licensed architect who oversees the interior specialist and furniture installation, minor projects, room layout, campus floor plans, and space inventory.

The Associate Director of Construction leads a project management team that oversees capital projects on campus. The Construction team is responsible for new buildings as well as renovated spaces in existing facilities. 

Together, PD&C are the Building Official for the campus and the owner representative of the California State