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Facilities Management

Planning, Design & Construction

Facilities Planning is responsible for long and short term campus planning and the implementation of strategic solutions for the University's space needs. In order to maximize space utilization, the department works with university administration and faculty to develop space programs for the California State University, Fresno campus and other university properties, including new buildings, renovations, and satellite campus facilities. Facilities Planning is also responsible for tracking and maintaining all space data, such as floor plans, square footages, and departmental assignments. Additionally, it provides support for the various phases of major and minor capital construction projects, including both new construction and renovations occurring on campus as well as off-campus facilities housing University employees.

Services include:

  • Building code compliance
  • Building and site plans, including construction documents and as-built drawing archives
  • Space generation, utilization, and allocation studies (including the maintenance of the Space and Facilities Database)
  • Project coordination during design and bid phases
  • Project management / administration during and after the construction phase
  • Generation of the Capital Improvement Programs
  • Estimating/scheduling services
  • Construction inspection
  • Notifications to areas affected by construction projects

Requesting Facilities Planning Services

Requests for services by Facilities Planning personnel must be made via the Plant Operations Work Control Center as a Customer Service Request. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Project cost and scope development for proposed projects
  • Code Compliance for changes in the configuration of a room
  • New Space/Space Use Changes (note: Please refer to Space Allocation and Change Policy for the request form and approval process).
  • Infrastructure, utility or building improvement recommendations related to grant development
  • General information toward improvement or renovation of any property belonging to the California State University

Requests will be reviewed by Facilities Management. Approved projects will be assigned a project manager.

Building Permit Generation

Per the State University Administrative Manual (Refer to SUAM Section 9232 and 9700.04), a procedural guide for development of property on state owned land and or assets, all projects are subject to the numerous codes governing the CSU and public works construction. The campus building official is responsible for the validation of code. Obtaining a building permit will be facilitated by the project manager.

To view a sample building permit click here.

For any questions or comments relating to construction management or Physical Planning, please contact the Facilities Management at 559.278.2373.