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Facilities Management

Building Maintenance & Repair

For Questions or Services please call 559.278.2373 or visit the request services page

Manager of Trades and Code Compliance: Jeff Prickett

Painting Services | Locksmith Services | Furniture Repair | Key Control

Carpentry Services

University carpenters are available for building maintenance and for remodeling projects. Need a wall moved, a door cut in, a keyboard tray installed or a picture hung? We do it.

Electrical Services

The Electric Shop has full-time electricians charged with the responsibility of ensuring the Campus's 18,000 light fixtures and thousands of wall outlets work properly.

Engineering (Heating & Cooling)

Engineering is responsible for maintaining and operating the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems for the campus.This team works 24/7 maintaining proper ventilated and climate controlled.

Plumbing Services

The Plumbing Shop maintains all plumbing to the campus. Thousands of valves and miles of pipes all have to work for the campus to have running water and working sewage.

Painting Services

University painters are responsible for painting over two-million square feet of campus facilities. This staff also paints all parking lot and roadway markings and lines on campus.

Locksmith Services and Key Control

The Lockshop ensures that the campus locks (over 5,000) work and that over 20,000 key distributions to authorized personnel occur smoothly. In addition, they maintain door hardware and automatic door openers.

Key Control is responsible for dispensing, tracking and recovering keys for all buildings on campus, with the exception of the residence halls.They also provide access for control services for the Locknetics and Universal keyless entry systems. Please visit the Key Control page for further information.

Furniture Repair

Minor furniture repairs, limited dismantling or assembling are available through Plant Operations. There is a chargeback for these services.

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