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Emergency Procedures & Preparation


Assume a sudden unplanned power outage has occurred in  your building

Scenario #1
There is evidence of danger (fire alarm, smoke, sound of explosion)

Pull fire alarm (if not already activated.) Evacuate building immediately.

Scenario #2
There is no evidence of danger and you do not feel you or others are in danger.

If it is dark outside, evacuate the building. If there is no external lighting, leave the campus.

If there is sufficient daylight to continue operations/teaching safely, use your best judgment and wait for further instructions.

If instructed to evacuate building: Use a flashlight, cell phone and any natural light available and leave work space/classroom in an orderly fashion. Help others as needed.

Scenario #3
Power is fully restored

Make an assessment of your area to ensure that all is safe. 

If there is perceived danger, evacuate the building immediately and notify campus police.