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Emergency Procedures & Preparation

Power Outage FAQs

What happens if I'm in an elevator when the power goes out?

Remain in the elevator and notify the Police Department by using the emergency phone in the elevator. Alert dispatch if there are special medical needs. The Police Department will dispatch an elevator company or the Fire Department. A campus official will remain outside the elevator until you are safely released.

What should I expect from the Police Department?

The Police Department will check all elevators and each building to confirm if there is power, emergency power or generators. They will also be looking for anyone who needs assistance exiting the building, particularly those with disabilities

The Police Department’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of people and property on the campus. Please follow instructions.

Who do I call?

  • Call the Police Department if you smell smoke, see fire, or if you or others are in danger.  Do not call the Police Department for general updates or information.
  • Call your immediate supervisor for updates specific to your work group.

Where do I find information and updates about the power outage?

  • Email
  • Home page:
  • Twitter
  • Central Information Hotline (278-4000)
  • Emergency Broadcast system and the Outdoor Notification Systems
  • Your immediate supervisor
  • Local media (depending on the nature of the incident)
  • If necessary, the phone tree will be activated