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California State Employees Charitable Campaign

California State Employees Charitable Campaign
(CSECC) at Fresno State

The California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) at Fresno State is your opportunity to contribute to local charitable non-profit agencies through the convenience of payroll deductions. With just a few steps, you can help make a difference in your community.

If you are currently donating to CSECC and would like to continue your donations following retirement, or if you would like to make a change to your current pledge, go directly to the " Forms" page.

If you would like to learn more about CSECC to help you decide if you would like to donate, click on " About CSECC." You will find some information about efforts on this campus, as well as quick facts about CSECC from the state level. Here on the home page is a link to the state-wide CSECC website that you may also be interested in visiting.

When you have decided to donate, you may want to see the " Resource Guide" to help you choose a charity. This guide lists the hundreds of worthwhile charities that can make good use of your donation. If you have a favorite nonprofit that is not listed in the guide, you can write it in on the form. The only criteria is that it has to be a 501C3 nonprofit.

If you choose not to designate a charity, United Way of Fresno County will use your donation where it is needed. The PCFD Code to use to keep your donation local is 028.

The final step is to go to " Forms." You can complete your form online, print it, sign it, make a copy for yourself, and send it to Yvette Angeles at M/S KC45. We will take care of the rest. If you have any questions about CSECC or completing the forms, please contact Esther Gonzalez at, or call 278-2083. Campus Campaign Advocates are the university's team giving support to CSECC, answering questions, and helping employees fill out the pledge forms in their areas.

Fresno State CSECC Co-Chairs
Fresno State CSECC Co-Chairs  
Paul Oliaro Vice President for Student Affairs
Esther Gonzalez Administrative Specialist/Analyst


Fresno State CSECC contact
Fresno State CSECC contact

Phone: (559) 278-2083

Return Forms To

Development Office
Attn:Yvette Angeles
M/S KC45


Esther Gonzalez
(559) 278-2083

Yvette Angeles
(559) 278-7137


CSECC State Home Page

United Way Fresno & Madera Counties