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Student Accounts

Student Loans

Fresno State currently has four different loans:Dream Loans, Emergency Loans, Nursing Loans and Perkins Loans. The fourth loan, Perkins Loans, is no longer offered as it has been discontinued by the Federal Government. 

How to apply for Loans? 

Under each section, there will be more specific directions on how to apply depending on which loan you are interested in. Make sure to thoroughly read the details to make sure you qualify for such loan and have the necessary information needed when applying.

California Dream Loan

The California DREAM Loan Program provides eligible AB 540 undergraduates and graduates with the option to borrow loans to help cover the cost of attending Fresno State. Currently, AB 540 students who graduate from a California high school and meet the California Dream Act requirements are eligible for state and university aid, but ineligible for federal aid (including federal loans). The DREAM loan program, funded by the state and the CSU system, aims to close that gap and provide eligible students with the opportunity to borrow student loans to help pay for their education.

If you're an AB 540 undergraduate or graduate, here's what you need to know:

A loan is borrowed money (you may hear terms like "borrowing" or "taking out loans" ) that you have to pay back with interest.

The maximum amount of a loan is capped at $4,000 each year. You can borrow every year you're an eligible student at Fresno State, or until you receive a maximum of $20,000 in DREAM loans.

  • The DREAM loan is a low-interest subsidized loan.
  • The interest rate changes annually on July 1st of the new academic year.
  • Interest will not accrue as long as you're enrolled at least half time (enrolled in 6 units undergraduate or 3 units graduate).
  • Once you graduate or are no longer enrolled at least half time, you will have a 6-month grace period before repayment begins.


  AB 540 undergraduates or graduate students who:

  • Have financial need
  • Are enrolled at least half-time at Fresno State

Obtaining a DREAM Loan

  • Fresno State DREAM loan application can be here
  • If you are awarded a DREAM loan by the financial aid office you will need to complete the DREAM loan Master Promissory Note (MPN), using the Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) listed on your application. 
  • Complete the Dream Loan Disclosures, using the Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) listed on your application. This requirement will be added to your student checklist after you accept the loan.
  • Check your Fresno State email frequently for updates from our office.
  • Be sure to use the Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) listed on your Fresno State application when completing any requirements for your DREAM loan.

Repaying a DREAM Loan

California Dream Loans are set up to be repaid in monthly installments over a 10-year period and have a minimum payment of $50 a month. You can pay off your loan earlier without penalty. You begin repaying your loan at the end of a 6-month grace period. The grace period begins once you graduate, leave school, or enroll less than half-time.

More Information

  • Information about the DREAM loan can be found at Heartland ECSI’s website. You can visit their website at
  • You will complete your loan requirements on your ECSI account.
  • You will make your payments through your ECSI account.

Emergency Loan Program

To assist students with short-term financial difficulties, the University established emergency loan programs for students.

The Emergency Loan Program is to assist students who are experiencing short-term financial difficulties. This program is not intended to supplement or replace any of our financial aid programs offering long-term financial assistance. Borrowers must be regularly admitted students, enrolled in a minimum of 6 units. A regularly admitted student does not include students in the Open University, Continuing Education nor Certificate programs.

This is a semester loan that must be paid back by the end of the current semester or the date of your contract, whichever is earlier. This loan is applied for and awarded through Student Accounts/Cashier Services. You may apply beginning on the first day of instruction. 


  • You may request up to $600 for students waiting for financial aid awards or $400 for students paying the loan back through their personal employment.
  • The loan must be paid by the contract due date. There are no penalties for paying the loan back early and monthly payments can be made. The interest rate is 12% per annum (1% per month).
  • You are eligible for one loan per semester.


  • You must be enrolled at least half time in a regular program with California State University, Fresno
  • You must have sufficient and verifiable resources to repay the loan
  • You do not have an outstanding short-term loan, a negative Emergency Loan repayment history, or a dishonored check history with the University or Foundation Offices.
  • You do not have an outstanding debt to the University

To apply, email the loan counselor Melissa Waite at

  • Pick up the Emergency Loan Application from room 152 of the Joyal Administration Building-- Make sure to read the instructions and ensure that it is completed entirely. 

You must:

                Present a valid Fresno State Student ID to the loan counselor

  • Have one of the following verifiable resources to repay the loan:
  • A pending financial aid award for the current semester (you’ll get a form indicating this from the Financial Aid and Scholarships office)
  • Verification of employment (three months of pay check stubs or a letter on letterhead from your employer verifying your work hours and pay rate)

If your application is denied, you are eligible to petition for reconsideration. Reconsideration is through a committee consisting of representatives from various student services offices.

Checks are usually available after 3:00PM two days following the approval of your application. A California State University, Fresno Student ID must be presented to the California State University Foundation Office to claim your check. Their location is 4910 N. Chestnut, Fresno, CA 93726-1852

Nursing Loans

The Federal Nursing Student Loan (NSL) program is designed to provide low-interest federal student loans to students pursuing a degree in Nursing and who demonstrate financial need based on their FAFSA data.  Based on the availability of funds, students pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in Nursing may qualify for this loan.  Up to $3,000 may be borrowed annually for the first two years of undergraduate study in the nursing program, and up to $5,200 annually for subsequent undergraduate study. The aggregate lifetime total of NSL funds borrowed cannot exceed $17,000. 


Applicants must:

  • Be admitted and enrolled in a Fresno State Nursing program;
  • Be enrolled at least half-time;
  • Have financial "Need"

Accepting / Declining or Reducing your Loan

Once you are awarded a Nursing Loan by the Financial Aid Office you will receive an email with instructions to either decline your loan or accept and complete and sign the online Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling. Note: If you want to reduce your loan amount prior to disbursement, please contact the Financial Aid Office.


  • Fixed 5.0% interest rate.

  • No loan origination fees
  • No interest or payments while enrolled at least half-time.
  • Repayment begins 9-months after students either graduate or drop below half-time enrollment, whichever occurs first.


Repayment does not begin until nine months after students either graduate or drop below halftime enrollment, whichever occurs first. At the time a student graduates or drops below half-time enrollment they will also need to complete an Exit Interview. 

For questions regarding an awarded Nursing Loan you may contact the Loan Counselor Melissa Waite at

Perkins Loans

The Federal Perkins Loan Program has been discontinued by the Federal Government. No further Perkins Loans can be offered. If you have a current active Perkins Loan see below for ways we may assist you in managing your loan. 

Who is the Lender?

Fresno State is the lender. The loan is made with government funds plus a share contributed by Fresno State. The loan is repaid to Fresno State.

Cancellation Benefits

Certain types of employment and service after graduation can make individuals eligible for loan forgiveness, cancellation, or discharge. 

The following is a partial list of employment types and service:

  • Full-time teacher in a designated education service agency serving low-income students
  • Full-time teacher in designated subjects with teacher shortage, or special education teacher
  • Full-time staff member in education for Head Start program, prekindergarten or child care program
  • Full-time law enforcement or corrections officer
  • Full-time Nurse or Medical Technician
  • Service in the U.S. armed forces
  • Vista or Peace Corps volunteer
  • Full-time firefighter in service with a local, State, or Federal fire department or fire district
  • Click here for a complete list of careers and to learn more about loan forgiveness.


Contact Melissa Waite 278-4168, Counselor in Perkins & Nursing Loan Counseling Services will be happy to answer your questions about cancellation benefits.